A kind of pushbutton Narnia,

A screen that opens to a Grand Canyon of stories;

Here a hiding place for killers; there, great shoals of red herrings

Lurk underneath the opaque plastic surface.

You’ll find the colloquies of the kings and the kingdoms of the past they rule

Delivered in glorious Whispersync.

Or if it’s love you browse, you’ll find hearts broken and mended; won and lost;

Endings – happy, endings  – sad:

The kiss-and-tell brigade’s finest moves.

Poets gather hither and thither keeping time,

Hoping for digital royalties and an easy rhyme

The science future has its own Black hole,

It’s a library, but not as we know it, Jim’.

This one lights a thousand ethereal fires a day

Whatever would Johannes Gutenberg have said?

Surely not ‘customers who bought this also bought…’