A Lexicon of JSA- for his birthday


A       The Andrew Scholar of Canterbury Quad

B       The Castellan of Blackroot

C       The Colonel of Cadets

D       The Denizen of D2

E        A Fully Paid Up Member of The British Empire

F        Fingers in Pies (Lots of)

G       Little Green Books (Essential Reading Matter)

H       The History Man who married his History Woman

I        The Inspiration of our Enthusiasms

J        The Jovial Master of Connections

K       The Keeper of the Archives

L        The Lichfield Street Archaeologist

M       The Governor of Mayfield

N       Naseby’s New Model Neighbour in the Saab

O       The Catalyst of Equal Opportunity

P       The President of Pipes

Q       The Distiller of News from all Quarters

R       The Clubbable Rotarian

S        The Commissioner of Scouts

T       The Merchant Taylorian

U       The Unsurpassed of Self Deviating Narratives

V       The Vade-Mecum of Marian Life

W       The Walsall Observer

X       The Defining Standard for EXtra Mural Activities

Y       The Serial Yomper of Cader Idris

Z       The Very Zest of Men