An Epithalamion for Thom and Gilly


Thom was born in June, the son of enterprise,

Who spooked his mum because he thought, not talked,

Yet soon made up lost time, and won a prize

For all that banter and the talk well-walked.


Gill arrived with ice, and curlers brushed a course

To show a rare girl with a generous heart:

She likes wayward kids as much as tomato sauce,

For Gilly knows the way to calm them à la carte.


So in Korea, our children of the ice and sun did meet,

And with hearts soon fused, afterwards flew west,

In new joint venture for the world to greet,

In which they pledged to be each other’s zest.


Life’s best tonics keep ingredients real,

Like this blend of Walton spirit and of Lemon peel.