For DCW (1936- 2013)

I wonder what you would have thought

Of this glorious summer of the Car-Park-King?

From the start, I know your instinct would have told you

This was indeed your long lost son of York.

And what would you have made of

The Minster versus Leicester cause celèbre?

No doubt you would have declared for heroic Ebor,

But are no less content to see him lie in honour

Close to where he fell.

But what-oh-what would you have said about

The last Plantagenet’s blond, angelic locks?

Brimming prouder by the family scoop that brought the news,

I see you smiling in your chair.

In life’s simple rhythms, we stumble upon

Enthusiasms we share with people we have lost,

Which in their bitter sweetness, create

The urge for conversation, consolation or both.

Tant Le Desiree