Poems of Place: At Dr. Johnson’s House, Gough Square

First words, last words. 

Old words, new words. 

Buzzwords, adwords

Few words, lost-for-words words.

Sounds like Wordsworth

Sounds like wordplay.

Bonded words, fighting words 

Weasel words, F words, 

Upon my word!

A thousand words,

In a war of words 

I’m lost for words.

Word of the law, word of the Lord

Words in edgeways, words in ears

Word of mouth, word of mum

Spoken in jest, heard on street

Mark my words, then mince my words,

And if words fail me!

I’ll eat my words 

Famous Last Words….

Johnson was not a man of few words….

Samuel Johnson’s House of Words is the world’s only museum that celebrates the power of words and their defining role in creating the language of humanity. http://www.drjohnsonshouse.org